Hey readers,

I’m sorry I really freaking suck at blogging! It has been absolutely crazy here. We traveled across country to visit my dad who isn’t well. Then we also drove to visit people in 4 different states so far this year not including traveling to see people in the same state Asus but hours away.

June as far as reading went sucked. I read a total of 1 book. BUT it was a 5 ***** book for me. So there’s that. I’ll review it on here right after I post this for you to check out.

It’s July 3rd now and I’ve read 1 book so far. Not too bad. Hoping to get more reading in this month but we still have a bunch going on here. I have passed all my classes but I still have to study for and pass my national certification. So that’s a bit stressful. I feel like I’m running on fumes at this point because I’m so exhausted and my child is the love of my life but he’s driving me nuts lately because he wants to GO GO GO and I need to slow down and take some ME time but, my ME time is reading and it’s quite hard to read when the hubs is working and you have a 7 year old in your face demanding to do a million things and play and make messes and I’m just ready to sleep for a week straight. SO HOPEFULLY, I will get to read and kinda zone out into my own little world a bit soon. Last night I cooked dinner, got my son in bed and then my husband watched over my son so I could go to the gym and BOY did I need it. it was so nice to lose myself in the exercise…that was until my headphones died. So I’m hoping my hubby will watch the kiddo after bedtime again tonight so I can work out and then study when I get home.


HOW ARE YOU GUYS???? Holding up? Hopefully better than me. I miss the people!! I’m still really active on instagram if you want to find me and follow me there.

I’ll go read your blogs, talk to you later – Bookish Mom

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