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HEY everyone!!

I thought I would do something fun today! Since ya know, Taylor swift has a new song out called “me” and I just got this drawing done of me; I thought we’d have some fun. I’ll tell you a bit about myself and you can ask questions in the comments and I’ll answer them!




First of all here is my new blog picture! This drawing was done by Sandra from Four Seasons Fox. She does everything from portraits, enamel pins, prints, tutorials, creative drawings and ect. She’s awesome I think you should totally got check her out! She has an etsy shop, instagram , website and facebook page! I love the picture she made of me. That’s what I look like! She even got my moles. (I have so many moles/freckles) I’m thinking next time I need a mermaid version of myself. Then a family picture!


So about me- I figured we will make this kinda fun. I’ll look up some interesting questions and answer them here so y’all can get to know me a bit better.

What’s my zodiac sign?  Cancer! I’m a summer/moon baby and I really do love water and night time. I adore just being on the beach or in a body of water.

Favorite fandom? Harry Potter every day, all day. Harry Potter is the first book series I really enjoyed in my life. I grew up in a very broken home and my parents didn’t read to me at all. My mom told me I wasn’t smart enough to read. So when Harry Potter and the sorcerers stone came out in theaters my dad took us to see it and we fell in love. My dad then bought the Audiobooks for us to listen to together in the car because his eyes weren’t good enough to read anymore. So Harry Potter reminds me of my daddy and I love all the lessons in it.

Favorite show? I don’t really have one that’s an all-time favorite but like once upon a time, Naruto, supernatural, etc. But I find I usually don’t finish shows all the way through because I get bored. lol but I have finished and enjoyed several Asian dramas on Netflix. Also the show YOU freaked me out but I couldn’t stop watching it!

Favorite book? I can’t pick just one. so, Harry Potter, Nevermoor by Jessica Townsend, and Sky in the deep by Adrienne Young.

Did I like the new Taylor swift song ME? ok guys don’t kill me, I LOVE TAYLOR and have followed her since her very first song was released, BUT this wasn’t my favorite song of hers. I like the meaning behind it but the chorus wasn’t me jam. SORRY.

What is my favorite Taylor swift song? hmm that’s hard!! I really love old Taylor so i’ll say our song for old Taylor and for new Taylor I’ll say blank space or ready for it.

How old am I? I am turning 27 this year.

Do I have siblings? Yes, two brothers and two sisters. One of the brothers is actually my twin.

Do I have any pets? YES! I have two dogs. Bailey and Luna. I want all the dogs but that’s expensive and not realistic. A girl can dream.

What is my favorite food? Does Nutella count? No? OK so chow mien? Maybe?

Favorite mythical animal? Ok, so I get told I remind people a lot of a phenix because my life up until age 23 was a wreck and I managed to survive a lot of abuse and make it out and still be a decent human being. BUT I knew a girl named phenix in high school and she literally ruined The Whole idea of it a little for me because I reallllly didn’t like her. lol So I wanna say thestrals from Harry Potter because I really feel like I get them. They are dark and scary looking but loyal and intelligent when given the opportunity. You also can’t see them unless you have witnessed death.

Have I ever gotten a ticket? YES, once. So me and my brother were walking to school at age 14 and we crossed a cross walk without using the button because it was clear. A motorcycle cop was IN THE BUSHES and ticketed us EACH $100. We actually fought it in court and had it dismissed though.

Would I rather live in the city or the country? The country. I don’t like driving in big cities, they are expensive and parking always costs money. I like nature even if I would like to be fairly close to a grocery store in case I needed it.

Am I neat or messy? Well, I’m kinda in the middle? I’m not a slob but I don’t feel the need to clean every inch of my house daily because it will be dirty in 5 minutes anyway, so I wait until it really needs it.

What are three things I’d like to have if I was stranded on an island? Well, I mean is it a tropical island? Because maybe I’d wanna stay! Lol. If I had to go home I’d say a BOAT, a book about survival skills and a source of fresh, clean water.

Did I play any sports in high school? Yes, I was on the wrestling team, and briefly on the swim and waterpolo teams.

How long does it take me to get ready in the morning? Anywhere from 10 minutes for 1.5 hours for like a full glammed out look for a big event like the military ball but that includes a shower.

Do I have any bad habits? Yes, I bite my nails. I try really hard not to, but I have very bendy nails so they bend, and rip and hurt, then they get uneven and I have to bite them because I can’t stand it. If my nails were thicker I think I could kick the habit. I’ve tried fake nails, getting my nails painted, and gel nails with no such luck yet. I also use a cuticle cream to try and make my names harder and grow longer.

Do I have any useless talents? Yes, I can touch my nose with my tongue.

Whats the worst thing I’ve eaten out of politeness? Ok so the first thing that comes to mind is my husband’s chili. He made it for me ONE time and it was the first time he ever cooked for me. We were dating and he was excited to share his chili with me because he loved it and ate it a lot. So I have acid reflux so I have to be careful of red sauces and tomato based stuff or I get sick. And this man put tomatoes, tomato sauce, KETCHUP, and chilis in his chili. Y’all I ate it and then I was sick for two days!! I then had to admit his chili was not only disgusting but it made me sick. LOL

What’s the worst hairstyle I’ve ever had? SO I mentioned I have a twin brother. My mom gave him a bowl cut with a rat tail, and then she gave me a shorter bowl cut with no rat tail. People asked if it was a wig, I was 11, and people confused me for my brother. It was fucked up.

Ok guys I have to go pick up my son from school so I’m going to have to call it done for now. BUT feel free to ask me any questions you have! I’m going to tag a few blog friends and see if they will do it too! I just got my questions randomly online so do not feel you have to use them! You can create your own!

I’m tagging


lattes and literature

TBR and beyond

a bella fairy tale


Hope to see some questions soon and that you enjoyed this post! – Bookish Mom



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