life update

Hey y’all.


I know I REALLY suck at keeping you updated BUT I have been SUPER BUSY! So if you are wondering or care at all deployment is finally over!! Having my husband come home is great but it also came with a TON of stress, lots and lots to do and TWO broken vehicles to fix. In preparation for him coming home I had a million things to do and I literally couldn’t read at ALL because I was so busy. THEN he came home and life didn’t slow down AT ALL. So I didn’t read anything for a total of two months…IT WAS TERRIBLE. I need reading to calm myself and so I was in a constant state of stress. BUT we managed to keep my car running and buy a new family vehicle. So that’s some stress off our backs. BUT we still have my husbands motorcycle to get new wheels for and he has to take a training course for it because he was deployed for so long. So he can’t ride it yet. I also started online college classes that are way different than my last courses so that’s so fun to navigate (sarcasm).  then I ended up having to take over my son’s Cub Scout den because the leader just stopped showing up at all and we paid GOOD money to give our kid these experiences and I didn’t want us or the rest of the families to waste our time and money. In short life has felt like a hurricane.


Fortunately just last night I finished and AWESOME middle grade arc and it was some much needed reading time. So i will post a review.


I also FINALLY read six of crows..I know it took me forever. I’m still needing to read crooked kingdom because time is still pretty short in my chaos ridden life right now. But hopefully I finish that soon.

I will hopefully be posting more often if I get to read. I like to post positive reviews so I’m not posting much about anything I read and hated. But feel free to find me on goodreads and follow my reviews there. I do post all my crazy reviews on Goodreads, good, bad, ugly, sleep deprived reviews. lol


I hope you’re all well and enjoying life and spring break! (if you get spring break)

sending my well wishes- Bookish Mom


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