finally out of my slump!!!!

FINALLY!!! I can say I can read again! For 2 months plus some I just could not even force myself to read. Emotionally I’ve been struggling and the amount of stress in my life was eating me alive at times.

For Christmas my husband got me a new kindle and a friend of mine sent me the e-book copy of Wundermith by Jessica Townsend because she knew I LOVED Nevermoor.

Well funnily enough Nevermoor had gotten me out of my last big slump and Wundersmith pulled me out of this one! I’m going to go ahead and do a review of both books together after this so those that are interested can check it out but I’ll just say this- I LOVED IT. You absolutely should buy it and Wundersmith is currently on sale for hardback for only 8.99 right now so nows the time to buy it!

I also read a few ARCs, some I loved and so were ehh for me but I’m so grateful that my friend thought of me and sent them my way. Also grateful she’s not huge on fantasy because that’s why she thought of me! I love my fantasy reads!!

So here’s a little update about life outside of reading.

IT’S still a struggle, but reading really does help me. I got some troubling news from the vet for my older dog (7) yesterday that she may have cancer and a thyroid problem. So that was actually really hard to absorb for me especially while my husband is deployed. I actually had a physical reaction to that possibility. I got so dizzy and my stomach hurt so bad I actually laid down a bench while they took her blood. So please wish for some good news for her.

Both our vehicles will need to be replaced asap when my husband gets home because one is completely undrivable and one had a quick temporary fix to try to help me make it until my husband is home to buy a new car. .

I’m behind on my homework and my school website is acting up so there’s that. Hopefully they fix it soon so I can play catch up with these online classes.

Basically there’s a lot and more going on with life recently and so I wanted to hop on and say I’m still here and trucking through. After finally getting out of my reading slump I’m still soooo stressed and overwhelmed but it feels less like I’m drowning completely and more like I have to possibility to drown. so reading is helping me cope for sure. I’ve also finally been able to workout again which I think is helping a little. So hopefully my situation improves and with that my stress level and everything else.


So that’s my update. I’m alive and I’m doing the best I can. I hope you are all very well and way less stressed than this bookish mama here.

Sending my heartfelt well wishes to all of you- Bookish Mom


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