Y’all I’m still in my slump…


Trying to pick up the chronicles of Narnia because I’ve actually never read all of them. Or Dash and lily’s book of dares to get me out of my reading slump.

The holidays are hard. Please send me your favorite easy reads to get me out of the dang slump. Definitely want to beat this slump and get some reading done because usually reading helps me manage stress and right now my stress is kicking my butt for no good reason.

I need some inspiration so please send me all your tips and tricks to get into the holiday spirit or kill your slump.


I tried reading a book last night and it was decent but the format reallllllly sucked because random paragraphs cut words off or in half so it gave me a bad headache to read it. I managed to finish it only because it was shot but I’m still struggling to fall into another world and reality I’m I usually do when I read.


I miss discussing books with all of you! I hope you are kicking ass and super happy!

Talk to you soon I hope- Bookish Mom

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