guys I wanna say I just forgot to post but the truth is I’ve hit a slump. I’m dealing with a lot of stress on my plate right now from this deployment, worrying about my family members health, the holidays we will be spending alone as well as the vehicles being broke down and just not good right now and some pretty big unexpected bills coming up. All of this I think has affected me and so I haven’t read in several weeks sadly.

I’m currently struggling with sadness and loneliness that feels like its driving into depression which I already take medication for daily as it is. So therefore I’ve hit a slump.

I’m keeping busy though and I was actually accepted to a university to do online school for early childhood education. So I’m happy to have something I can work towards while my husband is gone and hopefully give me something to focus on and push me in a positive way.

I’m hoping to get some self care things going. Bath bombs, and I’ve been listening to the Harry Potter books because they comfort me. I might pick up some food I really enjoy but frankly I’m trying to lose weight and I don’t want to end up eating my feelings. But shit happens so if I need to eat to feel a little better I probably will.

The holidays are hard alone on most people I think so no surprise there that I’m struggling to deal with it.

Some good news is though that my son is thriving not just surviving. His teacher actually emailed me today to tell me he tested at the next grade up for his reading and that he’s right on track for all his other subjects. He’s been well behaved in school she says and that makes me happy. He asked to help cook dinner today so he helped me make one of his favorite meals, biscuits and gravy. Yes, breakfast for dinner.

SOOOO what are some books, or self care tips you would recommend me?? What got you out of your funks/slumps?

Wishing every single one of you reading this well, a ton of happiness and an amazing holiday season.


Sending my love- Bookish Mom

4 thoughts on “SLUMP”

      1. Thank you! I would say the best thing to do is not be hard on yourself. It’s okay to be in a reading slump, and it’s okay to be sad. Just remember that neither will last forever! ❤️


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