what I’ve been reading!!

Hey guys!!


I haven’t been on much but that’s because I’ve kinda been in a slump. Not a complete slump, I have read a bit but the series I REALLY loved I haven’t read the last book yet because I haven’t yet boughten it. I’ve started a bunch of books and not finished them and then a few I finished but was not a fan of.


I’ll give you a peak into my latest reads!

A man called ove by Fredrik Backman I’m about half way through this book. It’s not bad but I found once I set it down I’ve struggled to pick it up again. But I need to find out if he actually saves the cat so I’ll hopefully pick it up again soon.

Finished vicious by Victoria Schwab a few days ago…OK don’t kill me but I didn’t love it. It was not bad but I frankly just didn’t connect to any of the characters and didn’t care at all if they lived or died. Which is SUPER disappointing because I have it signed and vengeful signed as well. If I don’t connect to the characters I just don’t really enjoy a book.

Read the first two beyonders books by Brandon mull. I really enjoyed the first book, but I didn’t like the character change/development for Rachel in the second book. I’ve started the third book but I’m kinda tired of Rachel, I just wanna hear more from Jason. I just prefer his character. Rachel has become annoying to me because of her attitude.

The darkest star by Jennifer Armentrout. OK guys, this one is hard because the original LUX series is my FAVORITE series and this is like a side series starring a character who was 12 in the first series and is now like 20 in the darkest star. I did enjoy this book a lot. that’s kinda a given because I love Jennifer’s writing. BUT Jennifer herself said I would love Luc more than daemon black and that this book was HOT and I wouldn’t think of luck as the kid he used to be. BUT Daemon is still my number 1 book boyfriend and I DID remember and think about Luc as a kid and all he went through and who he was in the last series. He wasn’t the all mighty god of men that people man him out to be. BUT that being said I will probably write a full review for this book because I did enjoy it. The Package was a preorder incentive that came with the darkest star and I will say that little extra was disappointing to me sadly. I have stuff to say about it….

Then the series I’ve been loving is The black witch chronicles by Laurie Forest. I started off reading the black witch, DIED inside from not having owned the iron flower. Didn’t have the funds to buy a 11.99 ebook right then so I of course bitched to my bookish besties and my friend Tammy surprised me with Wandfasted and Light mage which are novellas for this series. I LOVED all of these books. Those novellas were actually the size of books though!! I loved the original characters then I loved digging deeper and getting more of the back stories!! I need more!!!!!!!!! I still don’t have the iron flower so I’m just dying inside basically. But I will be writing a review about them each when I do get tread the iron flower. Did y’all read it and love it?? it’s killing me!!


OHH and in October I managed to actually finish a challenge!!! WHAT? YES! Usually I can’t do challenges because I’m a mood reader and I can’t plan my reads in advance.It just depends on my mood on what book I’ll read. So I finished a Halloween themed challenge and was so proud of myself! I was able to read what I want and then slide them into the categories them fit into at the end of the month! Since my favorite genre is Fantasy I guess it gets a bit spooky in my normal reads and I didn’t have too big of an issue figuring out where they would fit into the challenge!

Next months challenge has to do with princesses and badass women so I’m hoping I can do that one as well because that also part of my typical reads! I LOVE me some strong female leads! I’ll share it with you so you can play along if you want to!



What are y’all reading and up to???


Ta-ta for now – Bookish Mom

2 thoughts on “what I’ve been reading!!”

    1. Agreed. For me I have to like the characters to like a book so it hurt the overall feel of the book for me. She’s a crazy good writer but I just don’t feel invested in her characters the way I want to be. I want to be on the edge of my seat when they get into a sticky situation and hoping they pull it off. Not like- ehh if they die all well. LOL

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