So I mentioned yesterday I have strep throat. YEP, I do. BUT I was given an opportunity to join a USO event a couple of days ago as a military wife to go on some adventures and despite being sick I’m no longer contagious because I’m on medicine. So I decided to go any ways. I needed to do something for me, and I signed up before I got sick so I committed myself to going. I needed to go, get out and DO something just for myself and my own goals. So I signed up for sky diving and zip lining. Zip lining has always been on my bucket list and sky diving was a challenge for myself. I wanted to prove I could do it and I wanted to show my husband these adventures while he’s over seas so he knows I’m trying to do things for me. Because he knows I’ve been stressed, overwhelmed and quite frankly lonely while he’s been away. My son’s birthday party is coming up and I’ve been in mom mode just taking care of my son and the two kids I baby sit full-time for a while and as a mom it can be hard and start to affect you on an emotional level if you don’t do things for yourself at all. And frankly I try but I hadn’t had the time or means to go on any adventures for quite some time. So I went. Sky diving got canceled due to weather.


BUT I did go zip lining and checked that off my bucket list. I also got to try goat yoga, as well as an escape game. I’ll tell you how it went.


I actually wanted to bring my son but he wasn’t old enough so I didn’t get to bring him. my day started at 4:30 am, getting up and ready to shuttle to this event.

The first thing I did there was do goat yoga, which I honestly thought was weird but was willing to try. I like beginners yoga at home but I’m not flexible at all and never have been so I’ve never been very good. But I got to hand feed and bottle feed baby goats which I really enjoyed. They jumped on and off us and although it slightly hurt to have hooves in my back it was fun to be a part of. they walked under us and over us and all kinds of stuff. it was funny to watch them run around having fun too.

Here’s a few pictures from my goat yoga experience.


Next up was Zip-lining. We started off with a safety brief, getting our gear on and then hiking a way to get to the zip-lining area. After the first zip-line we would hike a little ways and then hit another zip-line. It  was really really fun. It was HOT, and I was sweating up a storm but the cool air hitting you as you zipped through the trees felt amazing! We had some really fast zip-lines, some really tall ones,  one we had to jump off backwards AND I did a trust fall for that on with no hands at all, we also had one where they bounced the cable and I’ll share my video for that one because I didn’t scream at all doing the zip-lining but they made me yell out on this one because I wasn’t warned it’d be a bouncy ride LOL so I was like WOAH not a straight line! It was so so fun though and I definitely want to go back. Our guides were also amazing, super humorous and entertaining. I loved it.




Then I went to the escape games. They signed up our groups for the hardest level but so far only I had showed up so with two minutes until the start I was going in alone. THEN four people showed up to join me and decided that since we only had a group of five instead of 12 we’d do the medium level of difficulty. We got played!!!! WE escaped with 26 seconds to spare. None of us had done them before but they gave us info just to screw us up. LOL they gave us clues that went to nothing and lead us in circles multiple times. But we escaped and won the game with all objectives met. They did not allow us to have phones or anything with us in the game so I didn’t get any pictures share with you but it was really fun and I’d go back to try the other levels as well.

So then we went to the hard rock cafe and listened to people singe and perform like they were glee groupies! We ate and hung out and then headed home.

If you are military I highly recommend checking out your local USO and seeing what programs they offer for you and your family. They offer all kinds of things that could benefits all kinds of people. They usually have meals, family nights, game nights and more.

I also got to go to a concert with my son a few days ago that was sponsored by the USO. HE loved it!

So definitely something to look into if you don’t know about it already as a solider or military family.

Other people go to do other activities as well but I didn’t get enough time do them all. I’m hoping they do this again next year and I can do these things with my husband and son. Plus more, like the horse programs, the scuba and wake boarding as well. As well as maybe sky dive if they don’t cancel it.

Well my adventures are over for now, so I’m going to go rest up and drink lots of water and try to kick this strep throats ass. Wish me well. Hope everyone is awesome and doing well!

See you soon- Bookish Mom

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