Life lately.

I’ve been away for a while, I know. Life ha kind of kicked my ass if I’m being perfectly honest.

So I’ve gotten a BUNCH of new books but I actually haven’t read much. I do have one review coming for you soon for the school of good and evil which I LOVED. IMG_4082.JPG

So I am excited to tell you what I thought about that.


I’ve also taken up crafting to try to keep myself sane. I’ve been missing my husband more than expected to be frank. I’ve started a full-time babysitting job watching a 5-year-old little girl and a 9-year-old little boy along with my own son who has a birthday swiftly approaching. My son recently lost his first tooth so I got to be the tooth fairy for the first time ever and I was pretty happy and amazed at getting to do that. I’ve just honestly been struggling more than I expected. My health declined significantly since my husband deployed and the hospital messed up and my labs were labelled wrong and I have to go back and redo all the testing again. Which I DO NOT want to do. They stuck me THREE times and dug around in my arm to get a blood draw and I HATE needles and nearly passed out and then was sick and vomiting for two days because of the stress that caused. Then we have school coming up and I haven’t done any school shopping at all!! Basically I could list a million things not going my way right now so I’ve started crafting to try and help stay out of a depression that I can feel is possible with this level of stress. I mowed my lawn yesterday and I have 36 mosquito bites and still counts….It’s been rough.


BUT I thought I’d share with you some of the new books me and my son got and then show you some of my recent crafts!


Here are some of the books we got! The ending by Katherine Applegate we are currently reading and we lay down and read a chapter or more a night and so far we are really enjoying it. At first we struggled to pronounce the names of the creatures in this book, we argued over how to say them until we searched everywhere for videos of the author saying them!

We got him a BUNCH of Brandon Mull books that we plan to read together. We’ve heard awesome things about him and his series’.

I actually won a copy of Blood and sand by C.V Wyk Which sounds amazing to me so I’m looking for to that! Thank you Tor Teen!

My friend also was so lovely as to get me some ARC’s from a book con she went to! So I REALLY need to get some reading time in to read A curse so dark and lonely by Brigid Kemmerer, The girl king by MiMi Yu, Give the dark my love by Beth Revis, AND Grim lovelies by  Megan Shepherd. Thank you Mckinlay!she asked me if I wanted these on a day I was feeling pretty defeated by my own body and health and it truly warmed my heart that she even thought of me let alone picked them up and sent them to me just because she knows I love fantasy! SO seriously go visit her booktube page and give her some love HERE. She is an absolute sweetheart and just an overall kind-hearted Hufflepuff through and through! She actually has a pit bull she rescued named Dixie and I have Dixie’s Christmas picture on my fridge. I also sent her a thank you with a pit bull decal I made her!

So wanna see some of the crafts I’ve done? Some I made for myself and my home and some I’ve made for friends.

I’ve done some painting, decals, canvases, and woodwork so far. This isn’t everything I’ve made but just a few of the things. So yep, that’s how I’ve been keeping myself somewhat sane. Although I don’t know if it’s truly working lol. I have a few projects I’ll be working on tonight as well and hopefully then I can read some of the second school of good and evil series. I’ve also been listening to the Sword of shannara by Terry Brooks on audio, since I haven’t had much time to truly read with three kiddos, health issues and chores.

But that’s what I’ve been up to! Hope everyone reading this is well. Please let me know what you’re currently reading! I’ll definitely try to read some if I can and get some reviews up for those ARC’s. *fingers crossed*

Have a wonderful night -Bookish Mom

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