I’m so sorry I’ve been gone so long on here. It’s been INSANE. My husband deployed and then we had my birthday and I just have a MILLION things to do and we’ve been so busy and I’ve been running on little to no sleep. So please excuse me and my lack of posting.

I currently have a major headache but I didn’t want y’all to think I left forever!

So I went to a signing recently and met a bunch of authors.Victoria Schwab who was very kind, Julie Murphy who is humorous, Zoraida Cordova, and Dhonielle Clayon. Then surprisingly I met Tracy Banghart as well and won ARC of her grace and fury  book coming out too which I’m SUPER excited for.

So here’s a few pictures I managed to take. Victoria was slightly creeping me out as she played with Julie’s dog and asked if we ever saw something SO cute we had the urge to kill it. No, mam’, I’ve never felt that way. LOL like, WHAT?! That’s gotta be on a serial killers list of things they feel right? LOL

No these books aren’t all mine, I got most of them signed for friends because I own most of these author’s books on my kindle. Did I mention my son broke his $80 kindle a few days before my husband left? Yep…so that sucks. ANYWAYS…I got a darker shade of magic signed for a company I love to host a giveaway with!! So you should follow them and buy their stuff so you can win it!! They are Baby my book. I love them and offered to get a book signed to giveaway because they are genuinely good people. When I was fundraising for the national MS society because my dad has MS they auctioned off a book sleeve for my fundraiser. So definitely go support them and show them some love if you can.


Life has been insane and so much has happened recently so if I don’t get on enough please understand! I literally haven’t read at all in some weeks so I’m way behind on that as well. PLUS I may be babysitting two extra kiddos full time coming up soon so I’ll be an extra busy mama!


HOW ARE YOU??? I hope everyone is enjoying the sun but not getting any sunburns!! OH speaking of sunburns I got TWO GNARLY ones so far so I researched and found a reef safe sunscreen that I like a lot. I got sunbum SPF 50 and wore it at the zoo for five hours in the sun and didn’t get burnt!!! Winning!! I found it at target!!


Hope to talk to you all soon. – Bookish Mom

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