What I’ve been up to!

Good evening readers,

It’s been pretty busy here. Lots of family time since my husband will be deploying. My son is now out of school and I got a BAD sunburn after cheering him on at field day and then spending the day at the lake for Mother’s Day! I hope everyone had a good mother’s day! I also got a tooth pulled, Chopped my hair off for summer and got braces! So lots happening here!

I’ve also gotten some new books lately! My son has handsome book hauls as well! WOOT!! Plus my birthday is coming up! We also spent the day at the aquarium yesterday! It was a blast!

So without further ado I’ll show you what I’ve gotten recently!

Today my friend Wayfaringbibliomaniac got me the Uk edition of a darker shade of magic…SIGNED as an early birthday gift! I also have the US version and I’m planning to meet V.E Schwab next month! so thats exciting!


I also got the ARC in the mail a few days ago!! WOOT! I’m excited to read it! BUT OH MAN I have SOOOO many books I need to read! I have a BUNCH of authors I’m planning to meet next month and I haven’t read their books yet!! OOPS.

These are just a few of my son’s new books! SPOILED!! He asked me to get him some baby mouse books for him after reading a few from the school library and of course being the bookish mom that I am I got him some!! I can’t say not to my kiddo wanting books. He also got caught reading instead of cleaning his room..I had to pretend to be mad. LOL He read me the whale book in the car the other day too like my very own personalized audiobook! WIN. Then I got him some Usborne books from my instagram friend LittleAtticLibrary which he loves!


My friend also gave my son this book and I stole it because I haven’t yet read it. I’ve seen the movie so i’m prepared for a heartbreaking ending. But I’ll read it and then add it to my son’s book shelf.

So yep, thats what I’ve been up to! I’ll try to come on here more often but with my son out of school and my husband deploying I might take a little longer to get on and post because our family time is so important to us. I’ll definitely update you when I go to signings!!

How have you been? Whats new? What books have you picked up or read lately? Let me know!!

Talk to you soon I hope! -Bookish Mom

18 thoughts on “What I’ve been up to!”

  1. I need the UK edition of A Darker Shade of Magic because it’s so much prettier. I ordered the hardcover signed version of Vicious and I’m not a fan of the cover but I prefer hardcover books and it’s signed!!!!

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  2. Please tell you at least read it because it’s fantastic. Also I wish authors would come over here to do signing. I’m never able to meet authors unless they’re from here

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      1. I know I need to! I have SO MANY books to read though and with my husband deploying and my son out of school it’s been all about family time and just being with each other. So I haven’t read much lately!

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      2. I get you when I’m at university it’s all about uni and family so I don’t have much time to read. Enjoy that time which is more important than reading.

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      3. Then I’ll get to read and I’ll complain I have too many books and not enough time. I’m a mood reader so I find I read whatever i’m in the mood for and skip over things even if I REALLY want to read them. I have to wait until the mood strikes.

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      4. Oh snap! I can’t do that!! I start intertwining multiple books/stories and characters if I read more than one book at a time. If I do read several at a time my max is three and they all have to be VERY different from each other.

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      5. That’s usually what I do like poetry, sci-fi and so on but with really different characters and plot. I’m actually going to write about it on my blog.

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      6. I’ll have to check it out when you do! I end up making up some weird complex book in my head if I read two or more similar books at once! Lol it’s terrible. People will be like what happened and I’ll have to try and remember what book was what and it never works out for me. Lol

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      7. hahaha I can see why. I think maybe since I’ve been doing it all my life. I’ve gotten good on it but if it’s similar world or plots and things like that I will get really confused but if I follow the whole different things method it’s easy. Plus it’s perfect if you’re a mood reader. You don’t have to read them all at the same time. You can read some pages of a book, pause it to finish another one and then continue it.

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      8. I get you. I don’t read a lot of it. I think I have read than 5 books but I got some that sound interesting so I’m in. Right now I’m reading one about powerful and badass women throughout history

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