June events

Hello readers!!

So June is my birthday month and it just so happens there’s a bookstore about an hour from me that has SO many good bookish events going on in June! YAY ME!

So they have at least two I plan to go to, and a bunch more that I probably can’t afford the gas to go back to repeatedly in a few weeks time. Because let’s be honest I’m not rich nor do I piss gas.

But I’m just excited to get to go! I have a bunch of friends sending me their books to get signed! I’m also hoping one of my out of state friends gets to come with me to one of the events!!

So I’ll be going to see Stephanie Garber the author of CARAVAL, and coming soon LEGENDARYIMG_2665.JPG



Then I get to see, VE Schwab author of the DARKER SHADE OF MAGIC trilogy.

Zoraida Cordova author of LABYRINTH LOST and soon BRUJA BORN.

Dhonielle Clayton author of THE BELLES.

Julie Murphy author of DUMPLIN’ and PUDDIN’.

OK y’all I’ma tell you the truth, I haven’t had the chance to read all of these yet. I own almost all of them… I’ve read Dumplin’, the first two darker shade of magic books and that’s it. MY BAD. BUT I’m hoping to read caraval, and stalking jack the ripper/hunting prince Dracula before I meet the authors. I have Vicious by VE Schwab but I don’t think I’ll have time to read it or any of the others.

I still wanna meet the authors though because why the hell not! I’ve heard terrific things! Julie Murphy actually sent me a Christmas card this year!

I still need to read the last namsara and sky in the deep before I read anything else. PLUS I really wanna read ash princess and the wicked deep and I haven’t gotten the chance. Life has been pretty busy lately.

OH and did I mention I had to dip into our savings and buy my husband a new phone because his started smoking while he was charging it? YEP, that happened. He wasn’t even touching it at all. For those wondering though it was a Samsung galaxy 7. So I do not recommend those.

Anyways I hope you are all well and getting lots of reading time! I’d love to know what you are currently reading and if you’re planning to go to any events soon too!

Hope to talk to you soon- Bookish Mom.


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