Good morning!

Hey readers,

I’ve not been able to read much lately but I wanted to update you on some bookish and life things just to stay up to date and connected with you!

So I have gotten a few new books lately and a new piece of bookish art I love!

Check out my new art piece made by @hellohenney from Etsy! 🙂 I love it! The picture doesn’t show “bookish mom” as well as it looks in person! I got sunflowers because they remind me of my son and my wedding! My son’s favorite color is yellow so we chose sunflowers for my wedding to represent him! 💛

This is a new life style choice I’ve made recently! I’ve heard soooo many good things, researched and researched and decided to try this out! I have a couple friends and my husband wanting to join me! The recipes actually look delicious too!wanna check it out? The Keto diet

My friend Angie just got me this book which has been on my wishlist FOREVER, because I had a bad day yesterday filled with the dentist and all kinds of crazy! Thank goodness for bookish friends!!



Oh and I recently bought Ash princess because I’ve heard it’s amazing, so I need to read that!

I’ve also made some good bookish friends recently on Instagram and I wanted to share my friend with you! She’s such a sweetheart and I can’t wait for her girls to get the books I purchased for them! She’s Littleatticlibrary. Totally go follow her and all her adventures!

What have all of you been up to and reading lately?? I’ve been pretty busy lately and I started a book and unfortunately I really disliked it so I DNF so I’m not even gonna mention that one here.

How are you? Let me know!

See you later- Bookish Mom

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