Ready Player One by Ernest Cline

Hello readers,

Today I finished ready player one. This is a sci-fi futuristic novel that talks a lot about video games and the 80’s pop culture.


Here’s the synopsis and then I’ll tell you what I thought. NO SPOILERS don’t worry.

“In the year 2045, reality is an ugly place. The only time teenage Wade Watts really feels alive is when he’s jacked into the virtual utopia known as the OASIS. Wade’s devoted his life to studying the puzzles hidden within this world’s digital confines—puzzles that are based on their creator’s obsession with the pop culture of decades past and that promise massive power and fortune to whoever can unlock them.

But when Wade stumbles upon the first clue, he finds himself beset by players willing to kill to take this ultimate prize. The race is on, and if Wade’s going to survive, he’ll have to win—and confront the real world he’s always been so desperate to escape.”

So what did I think? Well It was a good book! I’ll admit I wasn’t into the 80’s stuff and the very detailed descriptions of the video games and how to play them threw me off in the beginning, I never do this but I actually had to skim over the overly detailed video game nerd parts because I just didn’t care at all and it was super boring to me. THAT said, once Wade enters the OASIS the story starts to pick up and you start to get more invested in the main character. Or, at least I did.

This book has a bit of everything honestly. It shouldn’t work but since it all happens inside a “fake” world it works. This book has NERDS to the 10000X, politics, it talks about religion, it talks about bias’ and prejudices, it confronts race and sexuality…it kinda just states the facts in the point of view of the main character. no debates to anything, just Wade saying exactly what he believes. Now I don’t know if the author feels the same way as Wade about life and all things about life but usually when a book addresses things so blatantly and doesn’t at all mention another side to that I get annoyed. BUT I read to get away from politics, bias’, prejudices and everything that come with those topics. I like being safely tucked into my imaginary world. BUT this book In my opinion wasn’t at all offensive, although I can see people who are very religious maybe getting annoyed at one part in the story, but to me it wasn’t a big deal.

It really does have everything though. Not just the major topics of life but also so many different levels of storytelling. It’s futuristic as I said but it shows a broke down almost dystopian world, it shows vast technology, it has magic and spells and warlocks, it has music/game/book references throughout, It has fandoms galore, It has gamers, and geeks coming out of the wood works. It has betrayal, deceit, murder, secrets, anonymity, challenges, games, puzzles and more.

I enjoyed the characters and how each was very unique with a strong voice of their own. The storyline and plot were good and I wanted to see where it went and how everything would end up.

I also enjoyed that it was a standalone and I didn’t have to read 5 books to see where the puzzles lead them. It still felt like I got all of the story I wanted and needed though.

I think if you’re like me and aren’t a huge gamer you could still enjoy this book. If you’re a huge gamer and reader I bet you’d enjoy it even more! Especialy if you grew up in the 80’s. But overall I think this book is great for people who love the going into a new world.

So yea, if it sounds like a book you would like, check it out!

See you later- Bookish Mom

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