Hello, and welcome.

Hello readers,

Today I thought I’d share a little about me and my current life. Since this is a new blog and I want people to feel like they know me and can reach out to me if they like.

So I took a picture of some things that represent my life for you guys!


Can you guess what this represents? lol well don’t worry I won’t make you guess, it’s pretty self explanatory.

I’m a reader so I chose a book to represent the people in my life. Nobody’s princess is my book and represents my love of badass women, fiction and reading. The when in doubt pouch is also mine, it’s actually currently stuffed with bookmarks. LOTS of bookmarks.

The wings of fire book represents my son who really enjoys dragons and all kinds of animals. The color pencils are also for my son; what kid doesn’t love to color?

The night catch book and the US. army tape is for my husband. He’s a soldier and this represents a lot of his life. Not all of it but it’s a huge part of our lives together so I included it.

Then the dog training book and doggie bags are for my baby girls! AKA our dogs.

I have Bailey a golden retriever who is currently Six years old going on seven. She’s my baby. I’ve had her since my son was tiny and she was with me through a really abusive relationship and has been with me since she was only 9 weeks old. Bailey is the calm In my storms. She’s so gentle and loving. She will lay her head on my thigh when I’m in the bathroom every single time. She LOVES fetch and will cry and bark and jump in excitement if she sees a ball or thinks you SHOULD have a ball to play with her. She’s really an angel.

We also have Luna my husband’s baby, a husky/German shepherd mix. Luna is two going on three. We got her when she was 9 months old from someone in the military who chose to move without her. My husband’s dream dog was a husky but I don’t think he was prepared for the level of crazy Luna brought to our home. Β She literally ate EVERY SINGLE Christmas present under the tree three months after we got her. She’s broken three crates and is just insane. But we got her shots, got her fixed, trained her and she’s calmed down considerably. She does have a military grade crate though. Haha!

Wanna see them??


These pictures are from this winter. Pretty girls.

My life has settled down a lot lately, Being a military wife SO FAR isn’t as crazy as I expected. We moved across country and we got to go to the Grand Canyon which was amazing. If you ever get the chance to go, you should totally go. We have not YET had a deployment as a family but When I started dating my husband he was actually overseas. NO we didn’t meet on the internet. We met in middle school way back when. long story short we eventually got married. lol.

Things I enjoying with my family? I’m kinda boring, I love to go to the zoo, or aquarium or walk around with our dogs, I like to swim, go to lakes or beaches, I enjoy eating, lots of food. I love food. I’ve never been a party girl at all, I actually don’t drink, but I’m also not super introverted. I like to meet people, go to concerts, see a movie, go out and do things!

Some things we have recently done here are BOOK SIGNINGS I’ve gone to 5 I think? Since we moved her in December. The zoo, WE PET KANGAROOS!!!!! my son got to use a tube thingy to call them to tell them it’s time to eat and the zoo keeper didn’t even have to tell him how to do it or what it was for. I was so impressed. We went to a local pottery place and all painted pottery and then put it in out front yard. I made and adorable gnome. We had actually watched Sherlock Gnomes the same day in theaters.

Here’s a picture of one of the kangaroos we pet because I bet you wanna see it! THEY ARE SO SOFT!!!! It was such a good experience. They didn’t smell awful or seem aggressive at all either. A man was terrified of them saying he watched videos on the internet…lol But they were completely calm, cool and collected.


So what else about me? Well why don’t you ask me a question and get to know me? Book related, life related, whatever. I’m a pretty open book- pun intended. πŸ˜‰

Well I hope to see some comments from you soon- Bookish Mom

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