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HEY readers,

I went to SOKYBOOKFEST yesterday and it was so much fun. I have never seen so many authors in one place before! I got to chat with so many authors and it was so fun.

I think my son had just as much if not more fun than me. He got his first ever in person signed books yesterday! He talked to authors and illustrators and he just loved it.

So let me show you what I got!! Plus some pictures of some of who I met!

Here are just a few people we met yesterday. Jessica young was the first author to ever personally sign a book for my son. She wrote the Haggis and Tank unleashed books. Turns out I can’t find her on social media though to thank her. Debbie Dadey was a complete sweet heart and really engaged with my son and chatted with him about the ocean and books and food, my son loved her. She was kind and even gave my son some seaweed snacks that he loved! My son picked out a mermaid tales book from her with turtles on the cover because that’s his favorite animal.  she even drew a turtle in the book for him. Mark Wayne Adams was another person who son really enjoyed. He’s an author of children books and an illustrator. He asked my son questions and showed him his drawings and just made my son smile. Really cool guy, he let my son take home a poster of a horse he’d drawn.  Joe Wos is an illustrator and he drew my son a turtle that will be going on my sons wall. Kinda wishing I asked him to draw me something! Alisha Klapheke was really nice, she was leaving when I asked her to sign my book and she said absolutely she would. She was goofy and awesome. I also got to see Cj Redwine again, she’s just a doll, such a sweet woman. I saw Melissa landers and she signed some books for me and my friends. I very briefly met Lorie Langdon, but frankly I didn’t realize who she was because I know her for her book Olivia twist and I only saw her down books out and had never seen her face before so I didn’t even realize who she was until I left, OPPS! Also met Kaitlyn Sage Patterson very briefly but she left before I could get her books personalized. She did leave out some signed copies I snagged for me and my friends. I missed Olivia A Cole because she was gone when I got there and I missed Mary Weber. I did met Jacob Devlin, who I knew nothing about until yesterday and he was such a nice guy, he signed some bookmarks for my son and ill be looking into his wonderland retellings for sure!  In short I met a LOT of really cool people and I’m glad we got to go! I definitely want to go again next year if I get the chance!

Wanna check out the books and some of the swag we got?

So basically if you ever come to Kentucky you should try to come out to the SOKYBOOKFEST. They had all kinds of authors. Not just the ones I talked about.

I’m excited to dive into these books and I’m really excited to see where this experience leads my son since it was the first time he went to a book signing that had authors of children’s books and books in his reading and grade level. I hope this makes him fall in love with reading. He recently got glasses and before that he kinda dreaded reading. But I’ve noticed just the last two weeks since he got them, his reading has really really improved. he’s still not as excited to read as me but some days he tells me he wants to read me a story and that makes me so happy. He actually already read one of the books he got yesterday. Not only that but he told me what happened in the book and was able to really comprehend what was happening! MOM WIN!

If y’all wanna check out the books we got to authors mentioned, I’ll link them for you In this post. the link should be a different color than the rest of the text. 🙂

I really hope to go next year and meet some new people and get some new books!

Hope yall had fun reading about our adventures. -Bookish Mom

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