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National MS WALK

Hey readers, I warned you this blog would deal with books and life and this post has more to do with life than books so I’ll apologize in advance but it’s important so bear with me!

So here’s something pretty personal about me and my life. My dad has MS (multiple sclerosis) He was diagnosed in 2003. I was 12 years old and watched my daddy go from walking, hiking, jumping, fishing, boating and taking us to the park, to using two canes, to using a walker, to being wheelchair bound, to being completely reliant on a machine to lift and move him and caretakers to take care of his every need. For 5 years I was able to be my dad’s caretaker. Then he was placed into a nursing home with full-time care. It broke my heart and as an adult I made the decision to become an NAC and work full-time in a nursing home.

MS has affected my life in such a major way. We just don’t have the answers we need! there is NO CURE. It affects every single person differently and it can be unpredictable at times. My dad lost all of his physical abilities yet his mind stayed sharp. He is trapped inside a body that won’t do what he needs it to.

So every year I try to fundraise for the national MS society. This year I am participating in a walk to support people with MS and their loved ones.

I got a team together and made a personal goal of $100 in donations. Then our team goal as $1000 in donations. So far I have made my personal goal come true and we are HALFway to $1000 in team donations.


I am asking you to PLEASE check out our team page! SHARE OUR TEAM PAGE, and consider donating to SUCH and important cause close to my heart. ALL DONATIONS GO STRAIGHT TO THE MS SOCIETY. None of the donations go to me, we are simply the people asking for those donations on behalf of the MS society.


All these questions will be answered on our team page.

My team page is HERE !! If you donate please donate under Michael or Angie since they have not yet hit their personal goals yet. Or feel free to donate  to the team.

IF YOU CAN NOT DONATE, YOU CAN STILL HELP!! SHARE OUR PAGE AND MESSAGE! or you can JOIN our team!! you do NOT have to be local to be a walker, it’s absolutely free to join, and you can be a virtual walker. Meaning you can fundraise with us and get donations for the MS society simply by using your social media and word of mouth- you do not have to physically attend at all.

If you do not want to do any of those right now I hope you look for a walk near you and participate in that one. Create your own team or join one and fundraise your head off and reach your goals!

It feel so good to help fundraise and make a difference in people’s lives. I can not wait to see how much we can fundraise but I hope you will join us on the journey!


We didn’t meet our goal but we got pretty damn close!

I’m so thankful to every single person who donated regardless of the amount who helped us get here! They ended up cancelling the actual walk part because we had a storm BUT we still raised some money for a great cause! 🧡🧡🧡

Thank you so much!!! -Bookish Mom

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