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HI, guys!!

I’m SO excited to tell you that I’ve officially been ask to be a rep!! This is a first for me!! So if you have followed me for a while now on other forms of social media you know that I always brag about Baby My Book and their awesome book sleeves all the time. I didn’t even know what a book sleeve was for until 2017..not even kidding. my first book sleeve I actually made myself and while it worked it wasn’t as nice as I’d have liked it to be. (I tried a few other book sleeve shops and it just never was a great experience for me)

I then discovered Baby My Book through a facebook group I’m in and I saw a print and knew I wanted it. Well, that print sold out so I contacted the shop and they made me one and let me pic where the fabric lined up on the sleeve out of I think 12 sleeves they made. From there I just loved that one book sleeve and how amazing the shop owners were to me and how fast they were. BUT the quality was much better than anything my friends had so I was like GUYS LOOK!!! I continued to shop with them and recommend my friends to them and they all LOVED their sleeves too! Every time I got a new book sleeve my friends all loved it and dreamed about getting new ones too, so they would go get themselves another book sleeve. Haha!

I have a close friend with a birthday coming up and so I decided I wanted to buy her a book sleeve so I contacted the mom and daughter duo from baby my book and explained that hey I have this friend and she really likes this and I’d really like to have a custom sleeve made for them. They then told me they would absolutely love to make the sleeve and if I wanted I could pick out the fabric online. I was like YES!

So they then asked me to become a rep. I said YES, ABSOLUTELY YES! because I truly believe in this shop, They are kind, honest, creative, open to ideas and suggestions, fast and their quality can not be beat. I feel so happy and excited to be able to represent them because I really do love them and literally use them EVERYDAY!

I keep talking about their book sleeves but they also have some really cool add ons and other things as well! You can add lettering, pockets or a carrying strap to your sleeves, and they don’t JUST sell book sleeves! They also have laptop sleeves and really freaking cool bookmarks!

So i just wanted to share them with you and show you some of the stuff i’ve personally bought from them. These were not given to me at all, i paid for them with my own money and they are seriouly so great! fullsizeoutput_39e

So let me tell you about them! The black and white pocketed one was my very first baby my book sleeve. The one I saw on a facebook group and wanted! Cool right? It can go with basically any of my fantasy books which I love. It have a pocket that I keep my bookmarks in and sampler books or my phone when I go out. They all have a strap or button to keep your books secure which I love because I don’t want to set my bag down and have my book fall out of the sleeve and get ruined. So they sell two sizes, paperback size which can fit all of my paperback and not just smaller thinner or mass markets. I can actually fit two Harry Potter paperbacks in one paperback sleeve at a time and still have it easily close. then a hardback size which fits all my hard back novels no matter how thick they are. I have put my massive book of lord of the rings trilogy in it and had it close fine. They however do not fit those really large kids books. So I’d say they fit any of my NOVELS, but not my son’s big picture books. Although I’m sure you could definitely request very large book sleeve to be made and they would make it happen for you if you wanted. THEN there is two types of actual book sleeves. Padded which is shown on the right hand side of my picture. Which are padded to protect your books during travel or storage or whatever else and keep their shape.they also have a strap to hold your books in with a velcro closure. OR the quilted sleeves which are not padded but they are thicker than regular fabric and I’ve personally never had a book damaged in them before. They have designs sewn into the fabric of each, which you can see on the left hand side of my picture. They do not hold their shape so you can fold or roll them up for convenient storage. They also have a plastic button closure on them to keep your book safely held inside.

So yep I’m happy and excited and I hope you all check them out and love them just as much as I do. I have more pictures of my sleeves on my instagram if you’d like to check it out.

Also if you shop with them, why not get a discount for me recommending you? use my rep code BOOKISH10 for 10% off your purchase!


Well that’s my exciting news! Hope you enjoyed this post and my fingerling over how awesome they are!

See you soon! If you shop please comment and tell me what you picked out! -Bookish Mom

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