About me

pexels-photo-590493.jpegHey readers,

I’m the Bookish Mom.

I’m currently a huge reader, a mom, and an army wife.

This blog will talk about all the things to do with my reading, my life and the adventures that come with the life of a bookish mom.

What kind of books do I read and sometimes review? Well I review all my books on goodreads, BUT I’ll try to keep it to books I really enjoyed or books worth mentioning here. My favorite Genre is fantasy. I also enjoy YA, NA, Middle grade, sci-fi, dystopian, post apocalyptic, some romance and on occasion a good contemporary.

I do NOT read anything with graphic rape or sexual violence. I can handle nevernight and all the gore and blood but I just don’t ever want to read about sexual violence. So if you don’t either you can definitely message me and ask me if something has it, I may know or have a friend who knows!

I also have two dogs, a golden retriever and a husky/German Shepherd mix. I love my dogs! So you may hear about them! We go walking and adventuring together.

I’m all about bookish goodies and may even post my favorite shops for you to enjoy too!

I’m new to this blog thing so bear with me. Hopefully you enjoy reading what I write here.

Thank you for visiting my blog and WELCOME!

The Tales Of A Bookish Mom

Life, books and adventure.

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